Sunday, July 15, 2012

Matia Bazar - "Aristocratica"

Matia Bazar Aristocratica

Matia Bazar is the name of an Italian synthpop/New Wave band that was founded in 1975. The band was originally fronted by a female singer named Antonella Ruggiero (who remained with the band until 1989). One of the band's most popular hits was a song titled “Aristocratica.”

The song dates from 1984, but I personally first learned of the song in 1987 while watching a tv special on European fashion & culture which aired on the HBO network. A short clip of a video to the song was played during part of the tv special.

Unfortunately, the video clip that I originally saw is not available on Youtube (or anywhere else that I've looked). What I remember from that video clip is that Antonella wore outlandish eye makeup and had her hair teased out -- a look similar to the female image on the cover of the band’s “Aristocratica” album:

Matia Bazar Aristocratica

The geometric green dress on the album's cover was designed by Italian fashion designer Cinzia Ruggeri, and it is known as the “Homage to Lévi Strauss dress”.

Cinzia Ruggeri “Homage to Lévi Strauss dress"

The following video features footage of the band performing “Aristocratica” live, interspersed with pictures of the band.


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  2. this band was very successful in Spain tasting Spanish and the rest of Europe in Italian. Their successes are most important: Solo tu, Vacanze Romane,Ti sento or Raggio di luna.

    1. I love the song "Ti Sento". It's my favorite Matia Bazar song. I will eventually write a blog post about it. Thank for the comment, Jordi. :)