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For Your Eyes Only: The first James Bond film that I ever saw

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The James Bond franchise is one of the world's long-running film franchises as well as one of the most successful. The original James Bond film was Dr. No (from 1962), and the most recent one was last year's Skyfall. This particular film, For Your Eyes Only, dates from 1981, making it the first James Bond film of the 80s. It also happens to be the first James Bond film that I personally ever saw, and the one that made me develop a love for the whole Bond franchise. Several different actors have played the role of James Bond over the years, and in the case of this particular film, he is played by the legendary Roger Moore, who cleverly portrayed the character in every James Bond film from the mid 70s to the mid 80s. I've seen all of the Bond films, and of all the actors who played the role of Bond, Moore was my favorite.

eyes only roger mooreeyes only roger moore

In this installment of the Bond film series, Bond's mission takes him to Greece, Spain, and the Italian Alps. His purpose is to recover a device belonging to the British government known as an "ATAC" which uses a coded transmitter to order Britain's submarines to launch ballistic missiles.

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The ATAC had been aboard a British spy ship in the Ionian sea, which was sunk by a mine. As Bond seeks to uncover the whereabouts of the ATAC, he inadvertently meets a beautiful Greek woman named Melina (played by French actress and former Chanel model Carole Bouquet) who seeks to assassinate the man who murdered her parents. It just so happened that Melina's father was a marine archaeologist who had been working with the British government to locate the wreck of the ship that contained the ATAC. Within a matter of time, Bond agrees to have Melina assist him in finding the ATAC, while in the process he tries to determine who was the entity that ordered to have a mine sink the British spy ship.

eyes only carole rogereyes only

The film's scenery is quite interesting, as it showcases the Greek mountainous terrain and the snowy landscape of the Italian Alps. But, more importantly, the film features a lot of underwater footage, as several of the scenes take place out at sea.

eyes onlyeyes only
eyes onlyeyes only

And of course, one of the most amazing and unforgettable things about this movie is its namesake theme song, "For Your Eyes Only," sung by Sheena Easton.

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